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Solid Waste Disposal

Discover a streamlined approach to managing solid waste disposal expenses with Utility Bill Pro’s specialized services. Our team is dedicated to optimizing your waste disposal costs while maintaining a focus on environmental responsibility. Experience efficiency and excellence as we transform your waste management into a sustainable, cost-effective process.

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A ‘Waste’ of Time and Money!

It only takes one look at your carting bill to understand why solid waste disposal fees are among the fastest-growing expenses for many businesses. Until now, businesses like yours really had no input and were forced to rely on their solid waste disposal companies to make recommendations concerning levels of service and hauling costs.

An Offer You Can’t ‘Refuse!’

Utility Bill Pro recognizes this potential conflict of interest as unfair and costly to you. That’s why we offer your business the opportunity to choose FREE analysis and customized services that bring cost savings and desired results for years to come. Through our waste-disposal auditing program, we provide the following solutions:


      • Reduce your solid waste bill by rate changes, service level changes and service type changes, with our clients saving an average of 30%.
      • Lower your costs without changing vendors, in most cases.
      • Review and proactively manage your accounts for the term of the service agreement to ensure that no more overcharges occur.
      • Secure much more favorable contracts with your solid waste disposal vendor.
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We Take Out the Garbage!


Why throw good money down the drain when Utility Bill PRO can ensure that you are not being overcharged for waste disposal…and help you recover the difference if you are!

For A Great Cause

Click here for a FREE analysis and year-round monitoring of your utility, telecom, and solid waste disposal bills. Use the money you save to help support your nonprofit and mission.

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Utility Bill PRO provides a FREE utility bill analysis to identify and correct errors and overcharges in your everyday business overhead and expenses, along with FREE, year-round monitoring. Please fill out the fields and leave a message, and a representative will follow up with you as soon as possible.


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