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Are the utility, telecom, and solid waste disposal bills for your residence, business, and/or nonprofit rising? Do you worry about higher utility rates increasing your operating expenses while decreasing your profit margins? Are donations to your nonprofit organization down? Is your concern over it all causing undue stress and keeping you up at night? 

Get a utility bill refund, and start paying less for your utility, telecom, and solid waste disposal bills now!

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Refunds and Cost-Reductions!

Utility Bill PRO offers a proven, risk-free way in which you may be able to recoup the money spent on utility, telecom, and solid waste disposal and enjoy future savings on monthly bills indefinitely…with very little time or commitment on your part! Our utility bill cost recovery and monitoring services will identify errors, overages, and cost-reduction opportunities for your business.

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Smart Ways to Save!

Whether you own a business or a nonprofit, Utility Bill PRO will help you get refunds on your utility bills and lower your monthly costs indefinitely!

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Utility Bills

Recover and save money on the monthly bills you use most: power, gas, and water!

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Why pay more for every call when you can spend less for your various telecom services?

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Solid Waste Disposal

Don’t throw out your cash with your trash! Get a refund and cost reduction, instead!

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Get ready to spend less money on your monthly bills and more money on your mission!

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Free Monitoring

Free monthly monitoring ensures you’ll never deal with errors and overcharges again!

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About us

About Utility Bill PRO

Helping You Make a Full Recovery!

Welcome to Utility Bill PRO, a leading provider of utility bill cost recovery and monitoring services for businesses and nonprofits for over 30 years. Our mission is to help you recover utility, telecom, and solid waste disposal bill errors and overcharges on your business, residence, and/or nonprofit…both now and in the future!

We do the Work; You get the Refunds!

So, stop worrying about rising utility bills, and let Utility Bill PRO help you reduce your utility costs and improve your bottom line. We do the work, and you get the refunds, future savings, and peace of mind…or you pay nothing!


Utility Bill PRO FAQ

Get the answers you need before you proceed with utility bill refunds and reductions!

If you’re like most Utility Bill PRO clients, you probably have some questions about our utility, telecom, and solid waste disposal cost recovery and monitoring services for businesses, nonprofits, and homeowners before getting started.

For your information and peace of mind, we’ve compiled some of the most commonly-asked questions we’ve received from businesses, nonprofits, and homeowners over the years.



What our clients say

Lamar Outdoor Advertising

Tom, Regional Manager (Lamar)

“Tommy and the team at Utility Bills Pro were able to save our company over $4000 a month…savings we are continuing to realize to this day.” 

Barber Motorsports Park

Lee, VP (Barber Motorsports Park)

“I would be glad to speak to anyone that may be considering working with Utility Bill Pro and will wholeheartedly recommend their work.”


David, CEO (YMCA)

“While there is no guarantee, there is a very good chance Utility Bill Pro can lower your utility costs. We are certainly glad we decided to use their services.” 

“I have never experienced this level of personal commitment to ‘doing the right thing’ from any other contract service provider. I give my unconditional recommendation of Tommy Bopp and Utility Bill PRO.”

“The work performed by Utility Bill PRO is handled with integrity, timeliness, and great efficiency. We are very pleased with their services, and highly recommend them.”

Tommy and his associates at Utility Bill PRO uncovered subtle billing errors that are not easily recognizable to the untrained eye. You will find their service a very valuable asset.”

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