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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you’re like most Utility Bill PRO clients, you probably have some questions about our utility, telecom, and solid waste disposal cost recovery and monitoring services for businesses, nonprofits, and homeowners before getting started.


For your information and peace of mind, we’ve compiled some of the most commonly-asked questions we’ve received from businesses, nonprofits, and homeowners over the years:


Q. How is Utility Bill PRO compensated?

A. We share in the money we find for you, all of which is QUANTIFIABLE right down to the penny. If we don’t reduce your charges or obtain a refund, there is no charge. You will never pay anything out of pocket, because you will never pay us any money that we did not first recover for you. This means you incur ZERO RISK! There is another benefit to working on a contingency basis: since the entire fee is based on a share of the actual results, this gives us the greatest incentive to do the most thorough job possible.

Q. How often does Utility Bill PRO find savings for its clients?

A. If Utility Bill PRO audits your bills, we expect to find savings approximately 90% of the time. One reason is the billing process has several steps. From the time the meter is read to the time you receive a bill affords many opportunities for errors to be made…and they occur on a frequent basis.

Q. Are we obligated to accept Utility Bill PRO’s recommendations?

A. Not at all! The only thing we ask for is a chance to do a FREE assessment of your bills. When we are done, we present our findings. You are not obligated to accept any of our recommendations, and we do not implement any changes until we have received your approval.


Q. Why should we utilize Utility Bill PRO’s services?

A. A better question might be, ‘How can we afford not to? After all, we are offering a risk-free analysis of your bills that takes very little of your time, because all we need is one month’s worth of utility bills. If we find you some lost money, you have improved your bottom line. If we don’t, you have greater peace of mind knowing you are not overpaying for your utilities. Whether we find savings for you or not, we will continue to monitor your future billing for as long as you want. It is a win-win situation for you, and, regardless of the results of our analysis, you have absolutely nothing to lose!

Q. Why can't business do this themselves?

A. The complexity and technical nature of the billing process makes it almost impossible to determine the accuracy of monthly bills, rendering virtually any business unable to perform a thorough and accurate evaluation of its utility, telecom, and solid waste disposal bills. That is precisely why Utility Bill PRO was founded. We have the resources to conduct such an audit because that is all we do, and we know exactly what to look for. Over the years, we have reviewed hundreds of thousands of bills, and saved our clients millions of dollars.

Q. Why should I sign-up today?

A. Depending upon the utility and state in which you reside, there statutes of limitations concerning how far back you can recover your money. Every day you wait can potentially mean you get back less of your own money than the day before…until it’s all gone forever! Why would you wait another day to claim money that’s yours anyway? Start paying less for your utility bills now!

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