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Are rising costs limiting the activities of your nonprofit…or even threatening its existence?

Are you looking for a way to reduce your nonprofit’s operating expenses?

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A Penny Saved is NOT

a Penny Earned!

If you run or own a nonprofit, you probably already know that a penny saved is definitely NOT a penny earned; actually, it’s worth much, much more! The average cost to raise every $1 for fundraising activities that include grant-writing, direct mail, digital marketing, planned giving, benefits, special events, etc. far exceeds $1…but that’s not all!

Paying a Heavy Price!

Indirect expenses, including time, utilities, money, salary to staff, costs of food and rent, etc., can push the actual cost of raising each dollar in excess of $1.25, $1.50, or more! This means every dollar saved is worth more than each dollar that has to be raised, and that’s where we come in!

Our ‘Kind’ of People!

While Utility Bill PRO enjoys saving money for all of our clients on their utility, telecom, and solid waste disposal bills, we find it especially rewarding to help nonprofits. This is because we know that any money we recover for a nonprofit will be used in some sort of ministry or service. It is a wonderful feeling to see the money that was being overpaid to a utility company is now being used to benefit our communities. Below are some examples:

YMCA refunded over $25,000 and saw costs reduced by over $700 monthly.

A Public School System slashed bills by almost $250,000.

A Church received over $60,000 in refunds and $5,000 in monthly savings.

A Children’s Center enjoyed refunds of almost $3,000 and saw monthly bills reduced by $200.

The Boy Scouts refunded $5,000 with $200 in monthly savings.

A Nonprofit nursing home realized over $50,000 in refunds.

A Christian School received $4,300 in credits and lowered monthly bills by almost $200.

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We Love Nonprofits!

As a preferred member of the Florida Association of Nonprofits, Utility Bill PRO specializes in helping nonprofits and proudly supports our nonprofit neighbors!

Helping You and Your Mission

In fact, perhaps the quickest way Utility Bill PRO can support your nonprofit is to help you save money on your utility, telecom, and solid waste disposal bills with our cost recovery and monitoring services.

Recover and Reduce Your Costs

If you’re like most of the other nonprofits we proudly serve, chances are you may have opportunities to recover errors and overcharges and reduce your costs…and we can find them right now!

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For A Great Cause

Click here for a FREE analysis and year-round monitoring of your utility, telecom, and solid waste disposal bills. Use the money you save to help support your nonprofit and mission.

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